Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips

By Jeff McCarrell in Nutrition November 25, 2019

You're looking for weight loss tips because you want to do Thanksgiving differently this year, right?

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Shoulder Stack to help with Stiffness and Pain

By Spencer Aiken in Courses November 20, 2019

Stiff, tight shoulders are one of the most common complaints among all people today-especially anyone who spends extended amounts of time slumped at a desk or sitting behind a steering wheel. Here are some exercises to help you relieve some of the stiffness and feel better.

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How To Do a Proper Squat

By Jose Fuentes in Videos October 30, 2019

Trying to improve your basic squat position? Trouble keeping your chest up or opening your hips? Proper Squat form is key to avoid knee and back pain.

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Stretch Your Calves For Squatting

By Spencer Aiken in Videos October 16, 2019

Most don't know the important role of the calf muscles in the squat.

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