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by Jeffrey McCarrell on June 07, 2019

My transformation story goes as follows. It was 10:30 pm and we had been dispatched to a vehicle versus motorcycle accident, with a patient on the ground. By the way, I am a Firefighter/EMT. We had tossed on our bunker gear because of it being an accident scene. Fast forward to the moment I realized I needed to drop the weight. I had bent down to pick up the patient we had put on a backboard, and I couldn't get down to do so. Now mind you bunker gear is supposed to be a little big on you but because of my weight gain up to 275lbs, it was a tad snug. Once I was finally able to get my grip on backboard we were able to load the patient to the back of the stretcher. I turn around and my Battalion Chief says, "Someone got fat." "Thanks, Chief," as my response went.

That night when we got back to the station and I started to formulate my plan to not be so fluffy. Over the next couple of days, I started to implement a cardio routine back into my schedule, and I cleaned up my food some. Which is kind of hard because every night like clockwork at the station we would get a delivery of 6 boxes of Dunkin' Donuts. (FML!) Once I was able to start dropping some pounds I brought a weight workout back into my routine. I had gotten so fluffy from where I used to be, I was embarrassed by myself and how fat I got.

Fortunately, the apartment complex where I live has a wonderful gym that allowed me to get full complete workouts done without having to go to a "Gym." During this time I also realized I needed that list extra help with the weight loss. That little extra help in dropping my weight was getting on a weight loss supplement that would work. I reached to, Jeff McCarrell, President and CEO of Look Good Naked for some help with information and product. He was happy to oblige and we got under way. I started to take the Lean System and with my diet and workouts in place, things had begun to "drop." It took 8 months but I was able to drop 80 pounds, through a lot of hard work and dedication to my goal! At my yearly fire department, physical my numbers had never looked so good and my blood pressure was well within the normal range for my age and I felt AMAZING! This is my story, trust me it wasn't easy. BUT, it was worth it!!