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How LOOK GOOD NAKED helped me!

by Jeffrey McCarrell on January 24, 2020

How LOOK GOOD NAKED helped me! Last week I told you about why I needed to lose the weight and in a nutshell how I did it, but let me tell you how LOOK GOOD NAKED's LEAN SYSTEM helped me. Now, if you are reading this blog I am believing that you have looked at the rest of the website and see the products that LGN sells. For me, I used their LEAN SYSTEM and BODY CLEANSE. Both, or rather all four products were AMAZING!

Let's start with LEAN . Now I am a bit of a stim (stimulant) freak, I love energy drinks, and the occasional cup of coffee, but I found that with LEAN 1 I didn't need the coffee anymore. As for the energy drinks, it took some time to stop drinking those, because I had been drinking them for so many years. LEAN is formulated in such a way that the normal "CRASH"ing feeling that I would get from past fat burners was non-existent. I followed the directions that were on the bottle and the directions that Jeff McCarrell, President/CEO had provided me. LEAN 1 had a wonderful additional feature that I was not expecting. I felt amazing on it. Not an amazing feeling for losing the weight, because that was there as well but an overall just general feeling of better wellness. LEAN 1 has to be the best fat burner I have tried since LIPO 6 Liqui-cap also formulated by Jeff McCarrell when he owned Nutrex.

LEAN 2, the Stimulant Free Weight Loss Support product that is in the system for me was something that is out of this world. I have noticed in this world of expertise and weight loss not a lot of people will admit to having a sweet tooth in the way I am about to. I HAVE A SWEET TOOTH!!! HAHAHA, I love Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Bears, M&Ms, brownies, Cupcakes, donuts, and chocolate chip cookies. yes, definitely chocolate chip cookies. What I found with LEAN 2 is that the cravings for sweets pretty much were wiped out. I used to go through a larger bag of South Patch Kids 2x size in a day or two. Yes, I would devour that bag! As long as I stayed constant with LEAN 2: support, that bag of SPK wound up lasting like 3 weeks. As for craving anything else on my list of sweets, I didn't crave them one bit.

LEAN 3 NIGHT TIME, the overnight weight loss stimulant free is going to be a little bit different story because of my profession. We are not allowed to take any sort of sleep aids of any kind on duty BUT when I was off duty for my 48 off I could take them. What I found with LEAN 3 was I was able to get a peaceful nights rest. I am the type of person that tosses and turns a lot in my sleep and have been for many years, and with the type of profession, I am in we are always interrupted during the night while we sleep. Some nights we will run call all night long. So when I am off duty, getting a good night sleep is very important.

BODY CLEANSE was fantastic for me in the beginning and on the days I slipped and had a little too much carbs. With BODY CLEANSE I didn't have that uncomfortable feeling my gut. The trick with BODY CLEANSE like THE LEAN SYSTEM is stay consistent with it.

Now that I have told you about how the products have helped me, let tell you how to LOOK GOOD NAKED as a company helped me. Jeff McCarrell, President/CEO of MCCARRELL FITNESS COMPANIES, the company that owns the brand LOOK GOOD NAKED was able to help me adjust the workouts that would get me the most bang for my buck for the time I had available to workout. He was also able to help me design a diet that would strip the weight off me but not leave me hungry or going crazy for something that would be counterproductive to the weight loss.

All in all, my decision to drop the weight and use LOOK GOOD NAKED was the best choice I could have done to save my health and get back to where I should have been. BUT BETTER!! If you are looking to drop some weight and you have been discouraged with products and resources in the past you should take a look at what LGN has to offer! The biggest thing to remember when you start on this path with LGN and the weightless process is constancy is the key!