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Quads the Rectus Femoris

by Jeffrey McCarrell on August 28, 2019

The Rectus femoris muscle is one of the four quadriceps muscles. It is located in the middle of the front of the thigh. It is responsible for knee extension and hip and thigh flexion. It is the main muscle that can flex the hip.

Instructions to stretch the right side in standing

The easiest way to stretch the quadriceps is in standing.

  • Stand beside a chair or countertop so as to hold on with one hand if necessary to balance.
  • Reach down and grab your right ankle. You can use the hand on the same side or the opposite side. Most people find using the opposite hand most comfortable because it allows the hip to stay in a comfortable position. If you are unable to reach your ankle you can loop a belt or towel around your right ankle and pull on that.
  • Straighten your back, lift your chest up and pull your ankle back and up slowly.
  • If you are able to bring your knee behind you as in the picture you can stretch rectus femoris as well
  • Hold this position for the appropriate time.

    To stretch the right rectus femoris:

  • Kneel onto your right knee and put your left foot in front of you such that your left knee is at 90 degrees.
  • Grab your right foot behind you.
  • Pull your right foot up to your buttocks.
  • Hold this position for the appropriate time.

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