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The Deadline Diet

by Jeffrey McCarrell on March 21, 2019
One of the most educational things a person can do for himself is to set a deadline for reaching his physique goal. An impending deadline forces you to accelerate the learning curve and you will acquire more info about how your body works than ever before. Sometimes the deadlines are self-imposed; other times you may have a specific event in mind for which you want to peak.

Maybe you're wanting to look good for your upcoming vacation on the beach. Maybe you want to knock the socks off your old friends at the high school reunion or look good for an upcoming wedding. Doesn't matter, the deadline diet can help you reach that goal. It has worked on countless people.

This is a 16-week diet with four main phases and a special phase five, which is the last ten days before your big event, that contains some very cool water manipulation stuff. In each phase, the diet, training, and supplementation will be manipulated and or changed, so stay on your toes. This isn't necessarily a painless diet, but if about 16 weeks from now you want to look the best you ever have, then this is the diet for you. Are you ready? Good, let's go!