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Outlast - LookGoodNakedSupplements
Outlast - LookGoodNakedSupplements
Outlast - LookGoodNakedSupplements
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Pre & Intra Workout Supplement

A non-stimulant Pre/Intra-workout product designed to strengthen muscle reaction from exercise training for optimum health and physical performance.


Increase Muscle Strength & Power

It feels good to see yourself lift more weight than you did before. Outlast has clinically proven ingredients that increase strength by up to 25%, muscle power by 20% and indications of muscle protein synthesis. Giving you new personal bests week after week.

Improve Muscle Recovery & Reduced Post Workout Muscle Soreness

After a tough workout, the last thing you want is to feel too sore for your next workout. Outlast contains unique compounds that increase the recovery rate of the muscle cells. Allowing you to get back to high intensity workouts faster.

Optimized Systemic Creatine Absorption & Bioavailability

Most people have tried a variety of supplements, but how do you know which one delivers a high-level absorption rate? Outlast uses enhanced creatine ingredients that utilizes the naturally sourced, “smart sugar” to enhance the systemic response and bioavailability of creatine.

Extended energy & Exercise Endurance

The key to getting better is determined by how far you are willing to push yourself. By supplementing with Outlast, you can enhance tissue oxygenation during periods of intense exercise you can perform more total sets and repetitions, or longer minutes on the cardiovascular machine.



OUTLAST®-Creatine is a unique Palatinose-enhanced creatine ingredient that utilizes the naturally sourced, “smart sugar” to augment the systemic uptake and bioavailability of creatine. This patented and clinically studied technology brings exciting innovation to the most well-studied dietary supplement in sports / exercise nutrition (Creatine) by optimizing conditions at the level of gut transport proteins for efficient creatine absorption, uptake and peak plasma levels. As a side benefit, his valuable metabolic blend has also been shown to promote increased fat oxidation (burning) during exercise.

an amino acid-like compound derived in the human body from choline, and also naturally occurring in beets, quinoa and spinach. For anyone looking to improve their performance in the gym, in the field or on the court, betaine has been demonstrated to increase strength by up to 25%, muscle power by 20% and markers of muscle protein synthesis. Other research has shown increase in number of repetitions on bench press, cycling power and sprinting ability vs. placebo.

Creatine monohydrate is a small peptide that is made up of amino acids (the “building blocks of protein”). To date, over 500 research studies have evaluated the effects of creatine supplementation on muscle growth, metabolism, exercise endurance and many other markers of health. It is a molecule that is naturally present in the human body, especially in the skeletal muscles. The storage capacity in our muscles increases as muscle mass increases. Creatine supplementation has the ability to regenerate ATP stores faster during intense physical activity, helping sustain effort and prevent fatigue.

Carnipure® is the most reliable L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT) in the world. It is a form of L-carnitine that is used in many of the human clinical studies in athletes, and it is thought to have improved kinetics and speed of uptake into blood following oral ingestion. Carnitine supplementation reduces markers of muscle damage after anaerobic exercise, possibly through enhancing tissue oxygenation during periods of intense or challenging exercise when oxygen supply may be lacking.


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