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The journey of how
Jeff McCarrell created
Look Good Naked

Jeff McCarrell has been involved in the Sports Nutrition industry for nearly 25 years. Jeff's experience has been with such companies as EAS, MET-Rx, Pinnacle, Biotest, and VPX. During his career he has held many positions to include Senior Executive Officer, National Sales and Marketing Director, and Product Development. These positions prepared him for his next professional journey of starting his own business called Nutrex Research. Jeff was the Co-Founder of Nutrex where he became the first person to bring liquid cap to sports nutrition; changing the game in the weight loss industry. He has also consulted to and developed some of the top companies within the nutrition industry, as well as, some of the most successful and cutting-edge products the industry has seen.


Jeff's proudest accomplishment is his time in the 75th Ranger Regiment, U.S. Army, Ft. Benning, GA. He there served as a Military Intelligence Non-Commissioned Officer in the 75TH Ranger Regiment. Even while serving his country he continued to consult soldiers with nutritional and training programs. He also dieted and trained himself to win the Mr. Ft. Benning Bodybuilding Championships / All Armed Forces Championships.

Although he has attained a B.S. in Exercise Science, as well as, several training and nutritional certifications, his experience working with some of the top researchers in the industry (i.e. Anthony Almada, Doug Kalman, Pat Arnold, Lonnie Lowery, Dr. Tim Z, Dr. Scott Connelly, and expert Dave Palumbo) is his most valued educational opportunity. He has also had the opportunity to work with and learn from strength training Guru's Ian King and Brian Batcheldor.

Over the past 5 years, Jeff has been consulting some of the top professional and amateur bodybuilders with their contest preparation. This contest prep authority has had many athletes in the best condition of their life.