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Lean 2: Support - LookGoodNakedSupplements
Lean 2: Support - LookGoodNakedSupplements
Lean 2: Support - LookGoodNakedSupplements
Lean 2: Support - LookGoodNakedSupplements
Lean 2: Support - LookGoodNakedSupplements
Lean 2: Support - LookGoodNakedSupplements
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Lean 2: Support




A non-stimulant metabolic weight loss product designed through clinically tested ingredients with the ability to maximize the effects of Lean.


Decrease Body Fat

Tired of running miles and controlling your appetite without seeing results? Lean 2 uses a unique combination of ingredients that release a hormone which helps burn body fat. Making it easier to shed those unwanted pounds and get you where you want to be.

Increase Metabolism

As we get older, our metabolism slows down. A recent study shows that after a person reaches 20 years old, daily energy expenditure decreases about 150 calories per decade. Lean 2 works by assisting the body in utilizing stored fat as energy. This is multitasking at its finest! Turning that extra fat into positive energy to help burn those extra calories.

Control Sugar Cravings

Reducing appetite and sugar cravings for calorie-dense foods results in a healthier diet. We all know how difficult it can be to cut out those unhealthy foods. Lean 2 will help eliminate those urges all together to help you stay on the right path to a healthier you!




Crominex®3+ works by producing synergistic activity by not only supporting insulin function/ sensitivity, healthy blood glucose levels, but also has been clinically shown to support healthy lipid profiles/ cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. So, it is no surprise that individuals that struggle with weight gain may also benefit from improvements in endothelial health, blood flow, inflammation and insulin function.

Berberine has been a part of ancient health systems in Asia for centuries to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. One of the main manifestations of excessive weight gain and body fat storage is that fat cells synthesize and release “unfriendly” compounds (known as adipokines) that create systemic inflammatory stress and insulin resistance. The insulin resistance forces the pancreas to work overtime in an effort to keep blood sugar under healthy control. Over time, the increased insulin levels in combination with excess caloric intake direct those carbohydrate and fat calories toward unsightly body fat storage. We use Berberine to improve insulin sensitivity to help the effect of handling and transferring carbohydrates toward lean muscle instead of fat.

Most individuals who struggle with weight management efforts find themselves snacking, overeating and feeling guilty due to stress, anxiety or frustration leading to impulsive and emotional eating. Satiereal® is the only clinically validated, patented saffron extract with scientific-evidence for significantly decreasing snacking rate in half, appetite, and cravings for sweets. This patented, clinically-studied ingredient not only delivers healthy weight loss via satiety, but also improve sense of wellbeing simultaneously. Satiereal® works by acting on serotonin, a neurotransmitter that influences positive mood, satiety and appetite.

OEA simultaneously reduces a major hunger-stimulating hormone known as PYY. Adipokines are fat-derived hormone signals that may either improve metabolic health, energy expenditure and decrease appetite, or may provide inflammatory signals that sabotage fat loss efforts. The good news for LGN Lean-2/Support users is that OEA was demonstrated to increase levels of Adiponectin (a beneficial adipokine) by 12% OEA is more effective at increasing the amount of time that can be comfortably taken between meals, and secondarily it decreases food intake/ appetite for every meal.

CapsiAtra® has extensive safety data and over 50 published studies on capsiates reflecting benefits for weight management, fat metabolism and energy expenditure and exercise endurance. CapsiAtra® has also been demonstrated to clinically increase lipolysis (liberation of fatty acids from the breakdown of fat), abdominal fat reduction and decreased utilization of carbohydrates (i.e., a shift from typically burning carbohydrate/ glucose for fuel to now burning fatty acid for fuel and heat generation leading to more fat loss).

Forskolin is an active compound found in the roots of the Indian coleus (Coleus forskohlii), a tropical plant related to mint. For centuries, this plant has been used in traditional herbal medicine to treat various conditions and diseases. Put simply, Forskolin stimulates the release of stored fat from fat cells. The same thing happens whenever the body needs to use body fat for energy. Clinical trials in humans have provided some promising results. It appears that Forskolin may promote fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

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